Business insights

Weekly flash reports represent critical company operation and financial state, which is used in the ongoing operations of your business.

We at NDA create all types of weekly flash reports that range from a cloud kitchen, café to a manufacturing company for evaluating its book-to-bill ratio every week.

Monthly P&L

We offer P&L statement with KPIs to provide executives with an easy-to-read format that
offers essential performance indicators.

You can improve your decision-making capabilities and reduce the chances of missing the
bigger picture regarding revenues and expenses.

Real time Bookkeeping

Keep yourself up to date with the administration of your business by outsourcing real time
bookkeeping services.

Our real time bookkeeping services include tasks like bill paying, invoicing customers, making
deposits, payroll, processing payments and other.


We help you create a budget that makes a positive difference to your cash flow situation in the short and long run.

We will be your financial expert, offering money-saving advice that helps you make most of your finances.

Cash flow

Power your business with our innovative cash flow services that balances, check, and mitigate accurate cash flow for your business.

We perform a timely analysis of your cash transactions and offer accurate KPIs to help you identify your spending.

Sales Tax

Our dedicated sales tax professionals understand the compliance requirements in the market where you do business.

Our team offers a powerful combination of tax experience and sales proficiency so that you can invest your time on more strategic accounting issues.


Critical control for accounts payable comes with reconciling supplier statements. This reconciliation is undertaken to maintain the accuracy of ledgers.

It is an integral part of the audit process across organisations small or big alike. Supplier Statement Reconciliation allows finding invoice discrepancies in accounts payable.

Year-end audit packs

Our year-end audit services help companies to ensure their accounting records and provide an accurate representation of transactions.

Our year end auditing services assist companies with building complete financial statements and communication with banks, and other financial parameters.

Accounting at the best with top software

Have you got any other software? We can work with Remote Access as well.