Real time Bookkeeping

Real time Bookkeeping

Keep up to date with Real time bookkeeping

With real time bookkeeping and accounting, you will have access to imperative financial statements
and documents. We at NDA specialize in assisting real time bookkeeping to start-ups, small and
medium size enterprises.

Outsource real time bookkeeping

Keep yourself up to date with the administration of your business by outsourcing real time
bookkeeping services.

Our real time bookkeeping services include tasks like bill paying, invoicing customers, making
deposits, payroll, processing payments and other.

At NDA, you can hire a full-time team of experienced accountants at a fraction of costs that enable
you to stay competitive, while focusing on your core tasks. You can hire a dedicated CFO for your business as well.

We provide real time bookkeeping services tailored to your business needs including all of the
overhead functions.

Value added services

Regular consultations with accountants
Better financial opportunities
Opportunity to hire Full Time CFO

Accounting Made Easy

With real time bookkeeping, we offer streamlined accounting experience for our clients with a
number of competitive packages to choose from.

Accounting at the best with top software

Have you got any other software? We can work with Remote Access as well.

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